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Rita Silva-Grondin is the Executive Director of Business Development for Bedroom Kandi. Rita spent 16 years in the field building a successful empire and 5 years ago decided to partner with Kandi Burress in bringing her passion and experience to Bedroom Kandi Boutique. During this interview you’ll realize the huge impact Bedroom Kandi Boutique is making for thousands of women. Get ready to be INSPIRED!

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Alexa Varricchio’s life before Direct Sales was one of adversity and financial stress. As a single mom struggling to make ends meet Alexa yearned to experience a more fulfilling life!

Fast forwarding to today, Alexa has built a 4-million dollar a year business in Pure Romance and credits that through her passion to instill vision in women that they can create anything their heart desires.

Alexa is passionate about mentoring women to courageously move past their fears and grow into their capacity. Alexa’s purpose is mentor women to turn into strong, confident women and become a contribution to society through modeling!

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After attending Amy’s first convention with doTerra, Amy realized the potential and decided to not only help people take charge of their health but also help others create a life and a career they love!

Amy is passionate about coaching women and men how to live a long healthy life and create their own strong economy through a career that they absolutely love! 

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Jess's family was experiencing hardship and adversity and through faith the Scentsy Opportunity appeared and Jessy embraced it and the rest is history!

What Jessy didn’t know is that she would promote to the highest level in her company and her journey would be one of continuous self-development and mentoring others to become the greatest rendition of themselves! Join me in getting to know Jess!

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CJ Summers has built her organization from zero to 5,000 in two years! CJ is a Presidential Founder and National Executive with Color Street!

CJ’s passion is evoking vision in others to live a wildly successful life and create their rendition of success!

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Maria Giambrone’s journey began after she and her husband Mark invested in a company that created a new division of coffee that elevates the four hormones of happiness!

After Mark was diagnosed with cancer and went into depression a box of “Happy Coffee’ showed up at their door and two days later happiness diminished all signs of depression and even greatly improved his blood panel results in 6 weeks. Mark encouraged Maria to begin the business and to their surprise, they built a multi-million dollar business. In fact, on month 19 their organization sold $3.9 million.

This is definitely an interview you’ll want to listen to!

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Eight years ago Heather really had no concept of what it would be like to be mentored let alone become a mentor who went on to build a multi-million dollar business! Heather’s passion is inspiring others to find their passion and live life to their fullest.

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Michelle Jones was an executive in corporate America and reaching the burnout stage working 60 – 70 hours a week and then good fortune showed up.  She attended a girlfriend’s spa party and the rest is history.  Michelle became the top sponsor in her company and broke a record growing the fastest team company wide.   

Michelle’s passion is showing everyone, ‘There’s another way!’

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Darin Davis is the founder of Mojilife! His dream was born out of what most would call tragedy.  The outcome resulted in a multimillion dollar company with over 14,000 distributors in three years!

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Gwen is a sought after direct sales expert and empowering speaker for both the direct sales industry and women organizations. After building several direct sales businesses over the last 18 years and helping many entrepreneurs obtain their goals, Gwen uses her passion for coaching to train and mentor others on how to manifest their ideal life and careers.


Make sure to listen to this interview in it’s entirety as you will learn how to do the same for your life and career.

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One of the greatest talents and skills in leadership is leverage! Most leaders see leverage in a one dimensional world; meaning, they leverage from a conceptual and practical process. However, leverage is most powerful through a multi-dimensional esoteric process. For example when we know our core values, mission and passion we think and create differently.
Our interview today with Patti Dolan is an exceptional example of how we can leverage through our internal world and our external world. Patti's passion is serving God, family, health and impacting humanity. Through her Christian Yoga Studio, focus on wellness practices and passion for leadership she has created a multi-faceted process for honoring her health, educating others through wellness practices, offering extraordinary products through Young Living and living a life surrounded around her faith.
Patti has created a model that offers her balance through her career and personal life and is impacting lives and leading others how to create their own economy sharing products through Young Living. I am so excited for you to hear her story and how her core values, mission and purpose has paved a path for her to create her rendition of an ideal life.
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When the student is ready the teacher appears. My guest, Zelia Malherbe, has built an amazing organization, earned top recognition for personal and group performance, promoted to the Vice President Sales Leader position and leads one of the top organizations in Norwex.
It's not a surprise considering Zelia is constantly evolving herself through many forms of education and coaching. I know this first hand since I have had the pleasure of coaching with Zelia in Lifeline's Million Dollar Protege Leadership Program and I have witnessed, first hand, her commitment and promise to provide her team with extraordinary activities, resources and mentoring! If I had to choose one word that best describes Zelia, it's perseverance. She has hit obstacles and adversities HEAD ON and consults with God to guide her.
In 2008 Zelia and her family moved to Australia. Six months later she hosted a Norwex party and was offered the business opportunity. Zelia wasn’t interested in joining because public speaking terrified her. A few weeks later Zelia realized that she needed to start earning an income again so she could justify personal expenditures separate from her family budget. She joined Norwex through the Holy Spirits guidance and the rest, my friends, is history!
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I am a true believer that our adversities become our gifts and one of our life contracts is to get through our challenges and empower others with similar challenges to do the same.
Our guest, Lindsey Ganter, and I have had several conversations. It was this amazing connection from the beginning! She is so fun! Lindsay has created quite an amazing life and gives it her all as a spouse, mom and leader who is passionate about empowering women to create a life they love! 
Lindsay has been in Younique for 3 years and has promoted to the executive level of Purple Status. Believe me, it's just the beginning for her. Lindsay Hit the ground running, double promoted her first month, double promoted her 2nd month, then promoted again her 3rd month. Lindsay is passionate, focused, driven and one amazing connector.
You will be inspired by this amazing interview with my guest, Lindsey Ganter.
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Most of the population is under the illusion that success derives from what we do when in reality our success derives from who we are. You can't buy joy, positivity, focus, empowerment or any characteristic. You become it! Who we become internally is what we manifest externally.
Joy, positivity, focus and empowerment are attributes that describe my guest, Joni Garcia. Joni is one huge bundle of joy! I have had the pleasure of having several conversations and a few coaching calls with Joni and I was awestruck by her life story and her success with Keep Collective.
Joni has led her organization to 2,000 in just 18 months. Joni was one of the first 20 to promote to the prestigious position of Star Executive in Keep Collective.
Are you ready for a fun, inspirational experience today? Check out my interview with Joni Garcia!
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I believe we are all scheduled to evolve, pay our gifts forward and make our mark on the planet. I remember the first conversation I had with my guest Lee Hendricks. It took my breath away! Lee has lived a life committed to guiding others on how to honor their bodies, amplify their vitality and in some cases heal themselves. Lee spent many years in traditional healthcare however always guiding her patients to wellness products and rituals.
After experiencing doTerra products for a period of time and sharing them with her patients Lee was so amazed with the results that she felt the conviction to share them with as many people as she could. As a result, her business organically grew into a multifaceted experience of sharing the oils, coaching others how to effectively use them and a growing organization of successful advocates doing the same.
Lee comes from deep waters, modeling to us all to live by our purpose, mission and passion. I am so excited for you to experience our time with Lee Hendricks.
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Have you ever met someone and felt instantly connected to them? Several years ago I had a client who's company was experiencing hardship and we coached on companies that might be an ideal fit for her relative to her mission and core values. I pointed her to a company, my client joined and was placed under the wing of Gina Thayer.
Gina's leadership, support and strategic planning supported my client to grow one of the top teams in Gina's company. I've known Gina for several years and she truly is one of my Hero's. In fact I can't remember a time that I've mentioned the word Hero on my show. I can remember the first time I met her and how real she was. Big wow!
Several years ago Gina was invited to a party that she dreaded attending. The experience broke her beliefs about the Direct Sales Industry and weeks later she stepped into the unknown world of Direct Sales. Gina began to thrive on self development, a mission to serve others and empower them to grow into their full potential. She built a top national team and several years ago was called by her faith to partner with a new company. That was another success.
Gina supported them in growing to a leading direct sales company. Gina is authentic, playful, joyful, strategic and lives a full out faithful life. I'm so honored to have her on the leadership Lifeline Radio.


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Have you ever had a thought that became an idea and led to an opportunity that changed your life? My guest Kiersten Ray-Kuhn was looking for a job to supplement her income and after a night of wine tasting with her friends she thought it would be fun to work for a company that created wine tasting experiences. The next day she researched on line and was led to The Traveling Vineyard. She decided to join and now is a Diamond Director and humbly leads the top team company wide.
Kiersten has also earned several all-expense paid trips and the prestigious Spirit of Leadership Award. Some of the attributes that I believe describe Kiersten are grateful, transparent, empowering and inspirational. Her greatest passion is to mentor and coach other moms to have the freedom and abundance to put their families first and their business second, and to pay it forward.
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A few months back I flew into Denver for my Create a Life & Business You Love Seminar customized for Norwex and my amazing client Sue Thompson asked one of her leaders to transport me to the seminar. During our 30 minute commute I was awestruck by Barb’s mission, leadership philosophy and growth. Then I realized she was a member in our Protégé Program and had held 10 parties the month before and sold $10,000. The story gets even better. Later that afternoon I met one of Barbara’s leaders and I was blown away over her life story, ability to connect and the partnership Barb and Heather had developed. So I decided to ask both of them to be interviewed together on the Leadership Lifeline Radio.

Today you’ll hear a great example of how two leaders with different gifts but similar missions have partnered together to create their own individual ideal life and business. Get ready to be moved, touched and inspired.

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Isn’t it interesting how one choice can change your destiny forever? My guest Sonya Eckel didn't really host or go to home parties and didn't understand the incredible power of the Direct Sales industry until she attended a Norwex party 7 years ago. The rest is history.
She led her team to highest level in the Norwex career plan. ​ Sonya’s team was the first to promote to the Senior Director level and then to promote to the Executive Vice President Level. Both achievements she credits to the amazing group of leaders she feels so blessed to partner with.
Sonya, is empowering, inspirational, joyful and is led by her faith. Sonya’s greatest joy is her four amazing sons. It’s time to dive into our interview with Sonya Eckel. Welcome Sonya to the leadership lifeline on line radio.
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Vision is born from desire and intention is born from vision. Our guest, Shannon
Mitchell, is a visionary and lives life with intent to believe her vision into fruition.
After 12 years in pharmaceutical sales Shannon realized that she was trading income for passion with her "Gold Handcuffs" job as a pharmaceutical rep so she began thinking and writing about what she desired deep down in an ideal career. Just a few months later her company laid off numerous reps nationally and Shannon saw that as an opportunity to seek her ideal career. After diving into writing and contemplating her ideal career she realized that Direct Sales was an ideal fit.
Shannon has been with her company since they opened their doors and has built a team that developed over 7 million dollars a year. Shannon is authentic and passionate about coaching women how to create their ideal life and business. Shannon is a life learner, strategic and motivating. I have had the opportunity to have several conversations with Shannon prior to our interview and I love her humble, joyful and positive spirit.


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Naomi Smith was a stay-at- home mom and when her kids were 5 and 7 years old she wanted to afford the extras for ballet and piano lessons and family vacation so she began searching for a job in her field. After looking for a job and considering the time away from her family Naomi realized the commute and time away from her family wasn't worth the trade off. During that time of contemplating going back to work a friend invited Naomi to a stamping party and the rest is history.
She signed up with a goal to make $500 a month and after several months realized she loved being home during the day, involved with her kids and Dad loved having his own time their kids in the evenings. 
Now Naomi is a Presidential Director with her company. She was one of the first four to earn the position of Presidential Director. Naomi has earned several awards and taught at numerous conventions and leadership conferences. Naomi leads with mission and is passionate to coach and mentor her team members to achieve their ideal outcome within her company. 
I have a deep respect for Naomi's leadership philosophy, business model and mission. Listen to this incredible interview and you will learn why!
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Lynn Bardowski was a working mom and had the courage, vision, and belief to leave the safety net of a successful career and pursue her dream of empowering women to discover their glow. 
Lynn overcame the fear and failure and stepped into the unknown world of Direct Sales and eventually built a multimillion-dollar revenue-generating direct sales business. According to a recent Wall Street Journal Small Business report, Just 1.8% of businesses owned by women generate more than $1 million in annual revenues.
Lynn has added another dimension to her career and is now the CEO & Founder of Million Dollar Party Girl.” Lynn is the author of the #1 best-seller, Success Secrets of a Million Dollar Party Girl. Lynn is a sought after speaker and consultant, featured on CBS, FOX, Forbes, Huffington Post and more.
Get inspired to succeed with Lynn Bardowski!
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Our external world changes only to the degree that we transform our inner world. Our reality is in direct proportion to our thinking, beliefs and vision.
Our guest today Stephanye Raechel's life changed several years ago when she read the book and watched the DVD that spread across the world, The Secret by Rhonda Burne. After losing her career through downsizing and in the middle of her pregnancy, Stephanie choose to lean into the adversity and envision her rendition of an ideal life & career.  
Isn't it interesting that through faith, acceptance and inspired action we attract the ideal situations, resources and opportunities. Stephanie has created a movement to inspire and empower wellness, wealth and vitality throughout the world.  Stephanie radiates love and bestows the gift everywhere you goes.  She constantly educates herself through education and coaching to propel her vision into a reality.  Her organization is exploding through her willingness to create ideal resources, coaching and incentives that inspire her team members to create their ideal life and their own strong economy!Stephanye
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It's time for you to experience Erin Blutt! Erin was always known as the shy introvert type until she found her calling 3 1/2 years ago through her direct sales company.  
Through one experience at a time Erin realized her joy is pampering others and bringing out the best in them.  Erin launched her business in a rural community and during her first 90 days "SUCCESS HAPPENED!" She caught the buzz and her business took off! Erin now has an organization of 750 and her passion is empowering others to live life to their greatest capacity.  Erin is authentic, playful, empowering and what Erin does best is shine the light on others.


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Jorene Batali is a person that is constantly evolving and truly desires making the world a better place.  
Jorene left a successful career as an Assistant Vice President in banking to follow her passion to create an ideal career in Scensy. She saw the vision and fell in love with her current companies mission. Jorene has been with her company for 11 years and promoted to the highest position, Superstar Director. 
Jorene is a connector, humanitarian and thrives on giving back.  She is passionate about showing women and men how to live a life of freedom, abundance and fulfillment. I had the opportunity to connect with Jorene a few times before our podcast and I was so engaged by her authenticity, involvement in community and her commitment to her team.


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I believe each of us have been bestowed many talents from God and our deepest intention is to activate those gifts and pay them forward.  
My guest Theresa Proctor has done that and more!
Solution-Based Thinking…Out-of-the-Box Creativity and a heart for others are a few of the phenomenal qualities that navigated the success of Theresa Proctor. As a Diamond Executive Vice President, Presidential Founder and 2 Star Diamond Club Earner, Theresa has earned several accolades of recognition including the coveted Rising Star and Butterfly Awards within her company. She has earned every incentive travel and several top organizational awards as well.  
Theresa has mastered the law of addition by adding value to countless lives in her day to day walk and as a success coach, mentor and national trainer.  Through her leadership thousands have benefited from debt elimination, greater self-esteem, a flowing wealth stream and personal transformation. 
Theresa enjoys her journey as one of the top income earners in her company and finds joy in developing leaders across the United States while helping these leaders to achieve their personal and professional goals.  
She has co-starred in the national Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry commercial which airs on Black Entertainment Television, The WORD Network, VH1 and Bravo cable channels. Theresa has served on the Board of Directors with Prince George’s Chamber of Commerce, Prince George’s Schools Business Alliance Committee, Sisters 4 Sisters Organization and as a Mission of Love Charities Advisory Council.Theresa finds fulfillment in serving God, spending time with family and helping others. 
I have a feeling this interview will change your life.  Let's dive into our interview with Theresa Proctor!
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(67) Julie Wetherhold on The Leadership Lifeline with Steve Q. Wiltshire (Episode 67)
In Marianne Williamson's bestselling book, The Law of Divine Compensation on Work Money and Miracles, she writes, "While the power of negativity is clear to most everyone, the power of vigorous positivity receives short shrift in comparison. Positivity is more than the absence of the negative; it is the presence through thoughts, word and action of the positive. If we're interested in creating miracles, in invoking the most powerful creative manifestation, we must proactively be positive."
Our guest, Julie Weatherhold, radiates positivity in all that she does and who she is. She owns it! Julie is a former educator and after joining her direct sales company for a little fun, she soon saw the vision to build her dream career and bring her talent of inspiring and educating others to her ever growing team.
In just 18 months she has built an organization of over 600 and promoted to the senior executive level. Her passion is empowering women to evolve to their greatest capacity. 
Julie is inspiring, focused, driven and radiates joy at the highest level.  
It's time for you to experience Julie Wetherhold.
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When we live by our purpose all the hosts of heaven show up in our lives.  We seem to attract the ideal situations, people and opportunities to gift our purpose to others.
Our guest Peggy Riggins lives her life with purpose. In fact, all of Peggy's decisions revolve around her purpose to bestow wellness and vitality to the world and to engage others to be intentional about honoring the mind, body and spirit!
Peggy has built a very successful organization and was able to leave her career as a pharmacist to pursue her passion within her direct sales company.  
Peggy is faith driven, passionate, inspiring and loves evoking the potential in everyone that crosses her path.  I believe her success in life comes from living an authentic life, walking her talk and leading by example.
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I know, without a shadow of doubt, our interview with Adriane Muehlesien will blow you away!
Adriane has a mission to coach and mentor women to become the greatest rendition of themselves.  She discovered her purpose early on when she realized how happy she was to have the freedom to raise her four children outside of a traditional job and realized she wanted other women to have that same opportunity!
Adriane is an executive leader and founding member of her company and has an innate ability to evoke vision in others and a gift of leading them to resources that support their development and coach them on how to take action!
She is precise, articulate and wise! I believe her success comes from challenging herself to take action in areas of her life that make her uncomfortable.  Adriane courageously moves through obstacles with faith and determination!
Let's dive into our interview with Adriane Muehlesien!
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Steve has had the opportunity to coach with Heidi McNall for a year and has realized one major observation that changed his life. Heidi doesn't sweat the small stuff and doesn't focus on the problem, she focuses on the solution. Heidi has built a multi-million dollar business with her direct sales company and continues to positively impact the lives of thousands of people. In fact Heidi's team has actually sold over 18 million in one month.
Heidi has been in the direct sales industry since 1997 but found her ideal fit 4 1/2 years ago.  She's currently the only leader who has achieved the Executive Director position in her company. Heidi McNall is authentic, honest, steadfast, wise, determined and consistent. Heidi's focus is to live in a state positivity, integrity and to persevere regardless of the circumstance. We believe her success in life comes from living an authentic life, truly walking her talk and just leading by example.
Listen at 7 min & 25 sec, to Steve & Heidi talk about how she overcame her obstacles and what realizations she has made to get to the point she is at today with her Direct Sales Business.
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Faith and guidance from the Holy Spirit has led Tai Street to opportunities that have changed her life from struggling to empowering women with the fact that anything they want in life is possible through self evolution.   
Tai remembers the day she took action with her Direct Sales opportunity.  She was in prayer, ironing clothes and all the sudden a memory came into her mind.  Tai had a credit card set aside with $1000.00 for emergencies only and Tai took a leap of faith, ordered the most expensive kit and all the hosts of heaven opened the portal of opportunity.  
Tai Street has been with her company for 7.5 years, is a Platinum Executive Director & National Trainer who has opened up 3 major markets for her company.  She has just about earned every award possible for sales, recruiting, leadership and numerous all expense paid trips.  
Tai is DRIVEN by loyalty to her faith, company and organization.  Let's hear more! It's time for you to experience Tai Street!


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Robin Brooke has devoted her life to her husband Paul and their four children. Robin is all about family and what she really wanted deep down was a career that honored her core values. Isn't it interesting in life that sometimes adversity is disguised as a life changing opportunity? 
Robin's corporate company experienced a huge layoff and her husband's business changed radically in the health and insurance industry. They then had to move from their home in to a temporary living arrangement. Even during these difficult times Robin chose to find the good and focus on gratitude. Through continuing faith and attracting the ideal opportunity she noticed a post from her high school friend on Facebook which interested her. She decided to take action.
Robin Brooke now holds the prestigious titles of Executive Director & Presidential Founder within her Direct Sales Company with over 1000 consultants in her organization! Robin is passionate about serving her team to her greatest capacity and has a deep appreciation for the relationships she has developed within her organization. Allow us to introduce Robin Brooke!
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When the student is ready, the teacher appears. Kim Weatherford has built an organization of over 4000 team members in less than 2 years and attributes her success to plugging herself into constant education, being coached and stepping into action. In February of 2014 Kim's mission was born. A mission to share the unique opportunity of Direct Sales and her company with women struggling in life. A mission to help woman take charge of their life by guiding them to create their own strong economy.

AT 18 MIN IN, LISTEN to Kim share her perspective on the job market today and the importance of our youth to have a back up plan such as a Direct Sales Business in their back pocket.

Kim has achieved the highest position within her company. She is passionate, inspirational and empowering. Get ready to meet Kim Weatherford!

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This leader truly ROCKS! Meighan Hopper is one passionate and energetic direct sales professional and is all about giving everyone the extraordinary rock star service experience. This theme permeates through her organization.

Listen at 11 MIN:50 SEC to hear how Meighan turned her fears upside down and put herself on a path to success.

If you want to ROCK your direct sales business, this interview is a must hear for you.



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(58) Words To Live By with Terese Ciaccio, Lindsay Kahl & Beth Reed (Episode 58)
Get a taste of what The Leadership Lifeline, Online Radio is all about by listening to episode 58!
This insightful special features Terese Ciaccio (Episode 10), Lindsay Kahl (Episode 11) & Beth Reed (Episode 12). The reminders of keeping your passion alive in life and with your products along with remembering to keep it simple when it comes to duplication seems to be a common theme in each of these leader's stellar interviews with Steve. 
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When the will is strong, the how is easy. Jennifer Finch never saw herself in direct sales and joined her company simply to get the products at a discount and through sharing and serving the business naturally took a life of its own. Through Jennifer's will to share these amazing products and help other to create their own strong economy, her business continued to grow and now she is a Vice President Sales Leader. 

Jennifer has earned several top awards for sales, recruiting and many travel trips but her most precious reward of all has been instilling vision in others and believing in them when they didn't believe in themselves. Jennifer is, what Steve calls, a silent giant which is a leader that keeps the spotlight on others. Tune in to experience Steve's interview with this incredible leader.
At 7 MIN and 30 SEC hear Jennifer talk about the defining moment in which she decided to grow her vision and really go for it!
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Ann Stone has been in the direct sales industry for more than 20 years, 5 years with her current company, and had received countless awards but her greatest reward is helping others create a life and business they love. She has been able to bring her philosophy as a teacher of many years into her leadership philosophy with the gift of helping others create their own strong economy.

We, at Lifeline Coaching & Education, truly believe that service is the highest activity to which we can aspire and Ann Stone models service in a big way. Steve know's this first hand because he has received countless cards and gifts from Ann. Steve's philosophy is to be extraordinary at all that you do and Ann Stone is that and more.

At 8 Min. and 10 Sec. (8:10) hear how Ann dealt with her challenges, over came her obstacles and progressed on her journey to create a business she could be proud of. 
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"Let God guide you". - Shannon Grant
Shannon Grant breathes and walks extraordinary in every area of her life. She is an amazing spouse, amazing mother and what Steve calls a "life leader", meaning that she is intentional about inspiring everyone that crosses her life path.
During Shannon's 7 years with her current company she has won numerous awards, all expense paid travel trips and has been promoted to the top level of her company. Shannon lives with the unbending faith that anything is possible when you really trust God and you move forward in Holy Sprit's direction. She makes service her central focus, moment to moment. 

At 11 min listen to Shannon & Steve talk about how she learned how to dream, what obstacles stood in her way and how she overcame her fears.

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"People don't want to know how much you know until they know how much you care". -Michele Rogers

Michele Rogers has truly done it all and done it extremely well. Now, she would not necessarily tell you that but we, here at Lifeline, will. From an executive position with a major food brand to running her own business that helped to change the world, hear how Michele reluctantly began her career in the direct sales industry.
At 18 MIN & 45 SEC you will here her speak about the importance of understanding others perspectives and share what one of these invaluable mentors shared; "You can never say the right thing to the wrong person and you can never say the wrong thing to the right person".
Light your path as Steve & Michele illuminate your awareness and help bring you to a place of authentic self awareness and balance along your journey in life and business in the direct sales industry.
Direct download: tllor_michele_rogers_-_111015_5.16_PM.mp3
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Tune in to listen in on how these leaders have overcome so many adversities that we all face in our daily lives as well as our careers in the Direct Selling industry.
This inspirational special features Holly Klees (Episode 7), Jennifer Collucci (Episode 8) & Toni VanSchoyck (Episode 9). The most impactful insights are shared from each of these extremely strong and resilient leaders interviews with Steve. Get a taste of what The Leadership Lifeline, Online Radio is all about by listening to episode 54!
Direct download: tllor_e_54_7_8_9_SPECIAL_-_11915_2.23_PM.mp3
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Deep in my heart I really believe that service is the highest activity to which we all can aspire and Suzanne Holt's greatest focus in life is that she serves people to her greatest capacity. In 2014 she was awarded the Spirit of generosity award from her peers in Norwex. Suzanne has been involved in the Direct Sales industry now for 7 years and has been awarded the prestigious title as the second global Senior Vice President Sales Leader all while holding down a corporate position as a financial advisor. She has a strategic mind, is extremely focused and inspires others to grow to their greatest capacity.

Learn how this top, service minded direct sales leader turned a financial adversity into a major opportunity.

Direct download: tllor_suzanne_holt_-_102215_2.02_PM.mp3
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Often our adversities are disguised as opportunities to see what we are capable of.  My guest Ellen Lewis sold her business about a decade ago to free up her time for her ideal life and took a leap of faith that she would attract the ideal opportunity.

Ellen was invited to a launch party for a friend and although the product wasn't a fit, she saw a vision for herself in the Direct Sales Industry and stepped into action to find a company that would be ideal.

What we think about, comes about.  Ellen was practicing the concepts taught in Rhonda Byrne's best selling book and movie, "The Secret." Ellen became very specific about what she wanted to attract in a career and one of the key components was an ideal mentor. 

Fast forwarding almost ten years ago, Ellen's journey has been a dream come true.  Ellen has been recognized for many achievements and gives full credit to her amazing team.  Ellen's passion is mentoring others to lead their life and pay it forward.  I've had the honor of supporting Ellen in Lifeline's Million Dollar Protege Leadership Program.  Ellen is a student in service of others, meaning she's all about expanding her knowledge in service of mentor others to grow in leadership.   


Find your ideal life by getting inspired with Ellen Lewis on The Leadership Lifeline, Online Radio!

Direct download: tllor_ellen_lewis_-_101215_6.43_PM.mp3
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Laurie Probsdorfer is a leader of many strengths and maintains a level of humbleness that is unparalleled. In the past, like many other direct sales leaders, Laurie learned how to best serve others by working in the corporate field. After becoming a mother, her husband began to travel for work. Needing a steady income, Laurie later accepted a position as an admissions councilor for a major college where was allowed to utilize her natural ability to serve others allowing her to hone her skills in compassion, awareness & acceptance. 
Get passionate as Steve delves into the depths of service to others being the highest expectation to which we can aspire with Laurie Probsdorfer! 
Direct download: tllor_Laurie_Probsdorfer_-_10215_7.06_PM.mp3
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Learn from the best by listening to this episode featuring these amazingly faith driven leaders Kim Young, Author of "The Game Of Uncomplicated Success", Lisa Brunnette & Renee Poindexter.

The messages you will hear through these highlights of our very first few episodes will lead you to listen to these leaders dedicated interviews in episodes 4, 5 & 6. Remember to bring who you are to what you do and how you learn! (THANK YOU Renee Poindexter)

“Being intentional with your business and leading with integrity are the most important attributes to being a successful leader.” – Lisa Brunnette

I want to thank all of our listeners by giving $1000’s of coaching products and services away to help you GROW YOUR BUSINESS and continue on the path of building your own strong economy!

To enter the drawing, go to:

Direct download: tllor_e_50_4_5_6_SPECIAL_-_92415_4.03_PM.mp3
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5 years ago Amanda Mascio entered the world of direct sales but the magic came together when she found the company she is currently with.  Amanda is now one of four senior directors with one of the leading organizations in the company as well as the top sales and recruiting producer. Ironically, these types of successes are not at all what drives Amanda.

Tune in to hear Steve talk with Amanda about how she evolved her previous career into her new found direct sales passion of mentoring others to live to their greatest potential!
Direct download: tllor_amanda_mascio_-_91415_3.54_PM.mp3
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Conner Cochran and her husband, Jason, live their mission in all aspects of their lives. They invest much of their time giving back to the homeless and are committed to make this world a better place and bestow their blessing on every person they come into contact with in every realm of their lives.

Connor began her business not to build a large team but just to be able to move, touch and inspire women. Within only 18 months she grew an organization of over 1,500 people. Tune in to this incredible interview to hear about Conner and how her success became reality.

Direct download: tllor_connor_cochran_-_82915_4.30_PM.mp3
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This interview will reinvigorate your enthusiasm to build your own strong economy, whether you are just starting out or have been involved in this industry for years!
Annelise Brown was introduced to the world of Direct Sales when her revolutionary product became so popular on the product/craft show market that a friend suggested she create her company around the Direct Sales business model.  Annelise's experience is the antithesis of most in this amazing industry. Her passion and love for everything she models is absolutely contagious. 
We are put here on Earth to learn. Obstacles create awareness and allow us to continue evolving our strength through knowledge. Stay true to your philosophy because not everyone's philosophy is the same. 


Direct download: tllor_annelise_brown_-_81015_9.48_AM.mp3
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Listener Appreciation Contest!

Steve wants to thank all of our listeners by giving $1000's of coaching products and services away to help you GROW YOUR BUSINESS and continue on the path of building your own strong economy!


Direct download: tllor_e_46_1_2_3_SPECIAL_-_73115_12.59_PM.mp3
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What are you saying "NO" to? When you realize that we create our own reality here on Earth, you realize that everything you encounter is a reflection of something you have gravitated towards with your own consciousness by choice. This reality really clicked for this generous leader when she was introduced to "The Secret." Once Maree was aware of The Secret she started to notice the opportunities she was consciously bringing forth for herself and just like most of us, had a choice, to take the opportunity or not. 

Many of us can seriously relate to finding our own awareness of the fact that we truly have a choice, no matter the situation. Once you become consciously aware of where you are going, clarity comes naturally. We all need to be reminded of this from day to day until it becomes your adopted habit.
After many years of conscious practice Presidential Diamond Leader, Maree Cottam has built an organization of over 23,000 and is now in the top 1% of her company.
Maree's story proves that seeking and evolving your awareness is the key to unlocking the main purpose for us all, which is to realize that you have a choice. You are going to LOVE this interview with this incredible soul of light and love, Maree Cottam.
"You can love people without leading them, but you can't lead people without loving them." -John C. Maxwell
Direct download: tllor_maree_cottam_-_72015_9.27_AM.mp3
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Janet Barbieto has such a purity of heart, leading with her heart in full service of others first. The depth of her gratitude for everything and everyone she encounters allows Janet to create the space necessary for positive change in all lives she encounters. Janet's disposition and life philosophy was imprinted upon her from a young age by her father, a minister and general good samaritan.

Be inspired by this beautiful interview as Steve & Janet point out the importance of unconditional love, being a service minded leader and finding your sense of gratitude in your own life.
Direct download: tllor_janet_barbieto_-_7815_2.03_PM.mp3
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Theresa AuCoin is a shinning light of dynamism in the world of entrepreneurship, education and health. Theresa has co-authored several books, is co-owner of many different companies and is also a Vice President of her direct sales company.

A leader in the educational field of child disability recognition and integrative health awareness, she has changed the lives of hundreds of people for the better and is one of the most humble and fun women we have ever had the pleasure of meeting.
Get focused with Theresa AuCoin and live life with your true purpose in your heart and at the forefront of your mind.
Direct download: tllor_theresa_aucoin_-_63015_12.38_PM.mp3
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Frank AuCoin is the perfect example of a service minded leader and person that makes a conscious choice to create a positive difference in the world. Born with an interesting disability, Frank was unable to read and quit school in the 6th grade! Back in the day when teachers thought any issue a child may have which caused them to not be able to learn how to read translated to a child that was unable to learn. Medical science has now realized that this is not the case. There are spectrums of disabilities and/or disease with just about any problem one could have and each type of issue is different. Frank's issue was actually more of a physical disability with his eyes, not his brain. In fact, he was one of the smartest children in the class.
He has since taught himself everything he knows. Frank studies various subjects for 6-8 hours a day, and has built an empire in direct sales along with several other businesses, written books, created libraries, bookstores and has been written about in Wall Street Journal and quoted in Fortune Magazine. With all the amazing things Frank has accomplished, he still remains of of the most personable and humble humans we have ever met.
Get stimulated to succeed with Frank AuCoin and Steve Wiltshire!
Direct download: tllor_frank_aucoin_-_62015_3.51_PM.mp3
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Wow. What a team. Danette & Ken Kroll now run a successful direct sales business together. But it was not always this way! Get inspired by learning how to support your friend, spouse or family member that starts a business in Direct Sales. Ken & Danette are proof that your support will pay off in a big way, not just monetarily, but personally and professionally as well!

Danette has always been in the education field and Ken in the corporate world. Let's just say that Ken was a bit skeptical when trying to wrap his head around how to create a successful business with a direct sales company and jokingly told Danette to "invite the CEO over for dinner and we'll talk." Not too long after, there was the CEO, over for dinner so that Ken could pick his brain.
It sure is a good thing he made it over because Ken & Danette Kroll are the most energetic, positive and inspiring husband and wife team we have had the pleasure of interviewing together!
Direct download: tllor_danette_ken_Kroll_-_6915_10.34_AM.mp3
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Jennifer Harrison, or rather Jenny as she is so lovingly called, has an energy that emanates directly through the audio of this incredible interview with Steve. As an Executive Director, the highest level within her company, Jenny started out as a closet hobbyist in this Direct Sales business. Within 5 years Jenny decided to build her business full time and she now has an extremely successful and fun career!

Jenny has several degrees in various skill categories but after deciding to join her company so many years ago, she, like many other Americas is not working in a field even remotely related to what she was studying in the past. The Direct Sales world wins out again!
After listening to Jenny's interview with Steve, you too will be reminded of why you joined this incredible industry. Be inspired by knowing that anyone can create their own strong economy and this is the time to start doing just that!
Direct download: tllor_jenny_harrison_-_52915_12.46_PM.mp3
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Zahia Araji is an incredibly strong woman who is so passionate about, not only her business, but the direct sales industry as a whole.  
Just as most stories go, Zahia was not that passionate about this industry at first as she dabbled her way through different companies as a hobbyist. Zahia had been involved with the direct sales industry since the age of 16. But when she saw the products and learned a bit more about the business side of her current company, she was ready to go all the way. Boy, did she. Zahia is now one of the most influential direct sales leaders in Australia.
Words to live by from Zahia Araji: You will succeed if you believe in your product, believe in your company and if you believe in yourself. Listen to this incredible story of success and passion as Steve gets to the heart of the matter with Zahia Araji.
Direct download: tllor_zahia_araji_-_51515_8.47_AM.mp3
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This Senior Director & Presidential Founder has had so much success with the Direct Sales industry that she actually quite her corporate job so she could remain fully focused on her new profession!

Brenda Billardello is genuine, kind, loyal and is passionate about watching her team members succeed doing what they love. It is no wonder then why Brenda has been so successful in life and in business. 
You will want to get to know how she accomplished the ideal lifestyle everyone wants to experience so make sure to tune in and listen to Steve's interview with Brenda. This impassioned interview is one you want to hear!


Direct download: tllor_brenda_billardello_-_5815_1.19_PM.mp3
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Deb Bixler is a powerful leader, helping others to create their own strong economies by educating direct sales leaders to success through her radio program, education systems and simply by doing what she loves to do with her life!

You are going to want to hear what this insightful leader has to say about how to best accomplish your goals in business and in life. Empower your continual learning experience with a few, possibly, new ways to look at how you are building your business and how to refuel the way in which you continue to grow.
Direct download: tllor_deb_bixler_-_5115_1.12_PM.mp3
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Gina LaGalbo is an incredible leader with the stamina and drive to take anyone willing to learn how to be a true leader to the next level.

Gina's commitment to grow her knowledge and business, via continual education for herself and her team after making the one decision that changed her life to join the direct sales industry, has transformed her life along with the lives of the team she leads. 
You will need to hear Gina's story of how life led Gina to her success and how she helps to lead others to their success and life path as well!
Direct download: tllor_gina_lagalbo_-_41615_2.31_PM.mp3
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Shyrel Stoddard embodies the perfect mix of sweetness and kindness which permeates into her business as she continues to build her downline of over 10,000 people!  She just celebrated her 10th yearwith her company and could not be anymore positive in her approach to life and business.
Shyrel's story of how she became involved in the direct sales and network marketing industry is a unique one.  Being home with her family, develop as a leader in life and being able to have created her own strong economy has driven her to be one of the most successful leaders in the industry.
You will want to listen to Steve chat with her about where our economy is going and the importance of educating your team to success!
Direct download: tllor_shyrel_stoddard_-_4915_12.10_PM.mp3
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Connie Lasita is one of the most authentic, caring, positive and passionate leaders in the direct sales and network marketing industries. An educator by trade, Connie and had dabbled in the direct sales industry for around 5 years before finding her current company of 6 years and is now an Elite Executive with 42,000 people in her downline. How did she do this? 
You are going to want to hear Connie chat with Steve about her passion around education, the business partner she teamed up with and her journey in this industry. Light your fire by negating distractions and igniting your passion for the industry that changes the lives of so many around the world each and every day!
Direct download: tllor_connie_lasita_-_4215_10.52_AM.mp3
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Joann has been in the direct sales industry for 23 years and is the Vice President of Franchise & Training Development for Aloette.  During Joann's career in direct sales she has impacted the lives of people from all walks of life across North America.

Joann is passionate about developing leaders and evoking their full potential.  Her heart and passion for serving guides her to continually offer.  Offer guidance, offer answers, offer an action plan, offer inspiration in order to lift each and every individual she come into contact with to a higher place so that they no longer hear the noise of fear, doubt or negativity.
After hearing this interview with Joann, you too will only be able to focus on POSITIVE ACTION!
Direct download: tllor_joann_prior_-_32615_3.14_PM.mp3
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(32) Melanie Parker on The Leadership Lifeline with Steve Wiltshire (Episode 32)

Melanie Parker is an incredible leader in the direct sales industry.  Not only does she know how to start, grow and maintain a strong economy in the direct sales and network marketing industries, she also coaches others on how to create their ideal lifestyle through her own coaching company, Party Plan 123!

From this interview, you will learn why it is truly important to teach our youth leadership skills on a grander scale through this industry, why it is so important to continue educating yourself throughout life and that our industry is truly thriving all over the world, including Australia!
Direct download: tllor_Melanie_Parker_-_31915_11.44_AM.mp3
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Lynn Budjenska turned a loan into a gigantic, continuously growing business.  Success is not just derived from what we do, but from who we are.  Lynn is lead by her faith and helping others is one of the keys to her success.  


If you want to know how to grow and maintain your business for a lifetime, you must listen to this powerful leader talk about the habits and boundaries she has put in place for her life so you too may grow into your greatest potential. 

Direct download: tllor_Lynn_Budjenska_-_31215_5.17_PM.mp3
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This leader knows what to do and how to do it.  You will learn how to explode your business by doing what needs to be done as you listen to this passionate leader talk about how she grew her phenomenal business to great heights.


Sue Thomson is a Senior Executive Sales leader with Norwex and has worked as a consultant since May of 2011.


She’s been a stay at home Mom for 20 years and the proud Mom to 5 beautiful kids and one kind of spoiled grand – daughter.  Her kids keep her busy watching on the sidelines of volleyball games and tennis matches.


Direct download: tllor_sue_tompson_-_22715_2.32_PM.mp3
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Hilary Bromeisl never set out to be in direct sales, but when she was introduced to her current company she felt so compelled to share the company mission that she had to sign up!   Having no previous direct sales experience and a fear of public speaking, Hilary is a great example of how anyone can push through their insecurities and be successful in this industry.  

As she continues to advance within her company, Hilary attributes her success to her relationship with God, her desire for continued personal growth, and her choice to be happy and stay positive in life.  Two favorite quotes that keep her on track and moving forward are, “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will” (Suzy Kassem),” and “Nothing great has ever been accomplished in a state of hesitation” (Jordan Adler).
Direct download: tllor_Hilary_Bromeisl_-_22215_7.09_PM.mp3
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Jacqueline McGrath is a truly inspirational leader that knows exactly what is needed to create her own strong economy.  Her story is one of true self awareness and purpose.  It all began when her husband lost his job and she made a decision that their family would never be in that position again.
We must all understand why we need to take action before we can commit to any process with a full heart.  You will be amazed by what this leader has accomplished for herself, her business and her family.
Your life is far more important than you know.  Who's life can you impact today?
Direct download: tllor_Jacquiline_McGrath_-_21315_5.33_PM.mp3
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Tanya Wheeler's story is an incredible resource to help any leader conquer their fears in a positive way in order to move forward with a productive business.  

Awareness is key when it comes to knowing why you have fear.  We all deal with this issue when embarking on a new journey.  When you have self awareness and are committed to growth, you can do anything.  The universe will provide the resources you need to become successful when you are aware and committed to your life's purpose.
Empower your life's direction by making sure you are in the drivers seat.  Be inspired by this powerful interview with Steve and drive your life to success!
Direct download: tllor_Tanya_Wheeler_-_2915_3.14_PM.mp3
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This leader lives life by her own GPS.  When you get up in the morning you must remember to think about what you can do today to change lives.  Take life by the reigns, be intentional about your day because you are the one that creates your own life.

Be inspired today by taking a moment to empower your own life's direction with Jessalyn Pito and her phenomenal interview with Steve.  You will finish listening to this interview with a refreshed purpose of spirit.


Direct download: tllor_Jessalyn_Pito_-_2315_6.03_PM.mp3
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The importance of authenticity and connectedness in life and business are key factors when it comes to building a foundation for your own strong economy.  Jill Sullivan drives this point home so deeply as she brilliantly navigates through her powerful interview with Steve.  

Jill's artistic nature allows her to naturally live authentic in all that she does.  Touching lives is first and foremost in life and in turn, with a direct sales or network marketing business.  Grow to become your most authentic self and you will succeed. 


Direct download: tllor_Jill_Sullivan_-_12615_9.34_AM.mp3
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Susan Walsh is one of the most passionate leaders 
you will ever come into contact with.  
She is experienced, driven and team oriented.
As Co-Author of the audio series, The Millionaire Series,
and 3 acclaimed books; The Women’s Millionaire Club,
To Be A Women & The Change, Susan has made her 
mark and teaches others how to do the same.
She was a salon owner for 27 year before getting into
this industry, which has changed her life in ways almost
unimaginable, but if you can see it, you can do it too!
Be inspired by the immensely successful and 
beautiful spirit of Susan Walsh. 
Direct download: tllor_susan_walsh_-_12215_6.36_PM.mp3
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Decisiveness is one of the greatest attributes of leadership and Kelly Van Balkom is a leader who's decisive, empowering and lives her life with no regrets.  A year and a half ago she was a stay at home mom and was introduced to Younique. After having a conversation was one of the founders of Younique her still small voice prompted her to take action and now leads an organization of 2,300.  Last year Kelly's organization generated over 2 and half million dollars.
Kelly is passionate about empowering women to be all that they can be and plays full out in the court of leadership by evolving herself, her systems and her business model. 
It is our privilege to introduce you to Kelly Van Balkom.
Direct download: Kelly_Van_Balkom_EDITED_on_2015-01-09_at_13.59.mp3
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This powerful leader lives life with passion, determination and has created a life that most dream of.  She has an amazing marriage, friendship with her children and has cultivated extraordinary relationships in all areas of her life.  
She has earned over 22 all expense paid travel trips in her 22 years in direct sales and has been a top personal sales producer and recognized as the leading organization in her previous direct sales companies. 
Karen has become a leading trainer and speaker in the direct sales industry for 13 years. She has written several books and programs that have impacted the lives of thousands of direct sales and network marketing professionals.


Direct download: tllor_Karen_Phelps_-_11715_4.58_PM.mp3
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Evan Klassen is one amazing Individual with an unmistakable positive energy that permeates through everything he does.  As an Entrepreneur, Host of Immigrant to Millionaire, Speaker, Author, Coach & Musician Evan uses all of his talents to change lives throughout the entire globe.
We all know the book, Think & Grow Rich.  This book changed Evan's life and many others worldwide.   The new, revised version of this iconic book actually features Evan Klassen and his incredible journey to become the fantastic mentor he is today.
We, at Lifeline Coaching & Education, invite you to listen to Steve's transformative and empowering interview with the inspiring Evan Klassen.
Direct download: tllor_Evan_Klassen_-_11515_8.25_PM.mp3
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"Conquring fear is the greatest conquest of humanity.  Feed the faith and starve the fear". - Crystal Davis
Crystal Davis is so passionate about helping all that come into her life figure out how to succeed so they live life to their most fulfilling potential.  She is a mentor to leaders and is so amazing at creating an environment for others to feel comfortable with sharing and opening up to ones true purpose.
As a former figure skater, executive top recruiter,  and a now seasoned direct sales & network marketing professional this leader's interview with Steve will take you to a place where you will naturally lead your own life by your core values, mission, and with passionate conviction. 
Direct download: tllor_Crystal_Davis_-_11315_4.50_PM.mp3
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Cherie Rodriguez is one of the most authentic, playful and insightful leaders we have had the pleasure of interviewing on The Leadership Lifeline.  Giving back to her community is just part of her natural flare.  

Cherie is a natural connector which has led her to create one of the top teams within her company.  Being part of a military family, moving around so much on so many occasions could be a curse.  Listen to how this positive and enlightened leaders found the blessing within her journey.

When you are focused on your game you can build a business rich with connection, positivity and passion.


Direct download: tllor_Cherie_Rodriquez.mp3
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As Cheryl Richardson asks, What is your soul goal?

Listen to this incredible leader really hone in on the reason for your WHY and why the reason is so much more important than the surface WHY we all come up with on our personal journey to become the leader we are meat to be.  Get a deeper understanding about the values you hold so dear and mission you are on so you can liberate your life's purpose.
Your WHY is fantastic. We all have a powerful why.  But the feeling you get from your reason for thinking about your WHY is so much more important.  Live your life from the energy you get when you think about your soul's goal.
Direct download: tllor_jennifer_anderson_-_1815_11.15_PM.mp3
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"Sometimes you have to loose everything to gain what God has for you".
-Cyndi Jackson
This amazing & humble leader gives God the glory in all that she does.

Could you imagine being a nurse and then having an immediate family member unexpectedly suffer a major brain hemorrhage?  Without  spiritual guidance and faith it would be difficult to imagine how you might process this devastation.

As one of our Elite Members at Lifeline she has been a major catalyst, suggesting incredible ideas which led to building one of our coaching programs to the hight it is at today.
Cyndi's inspiring interview with Steve perfectly explains why when your business is grounded in faith and you have the systems in place to support your team, you can achieve results beyond your wildest dreams.
Direct download: tllor_Cyndi_Jackson_-_1615_6.48_PM.mp3
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Dr. Steve’s varied and unusual background has earned him the accolade Renaissance Man.

He’s gained success as a physician, entertainer, trainer, and author of the #1 self-help bestseller, UnHypnosisin which he teaches individuals to reinvent their lives.

Steve’s passion for network marketers and sales professionals, with their emphasis on personal growth, inspired him to develop the powerful presentations he now brings to progressive organizations worldwide.

His excitement, motivation, and enthusiasm have earned him fans around the globe while his entertaining programs continue to impact young and old alike; helping them clarify and achieve their dreams. It is Steve’s belief that everyone has a gift waiting to be discovered and unleashed.  It is his mission to help people find and listen to their inner calling.

Direct download: tllor_Steve_Taubman_-_1515_12.09_AM.mp3
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Everyone has fear.   Fear that they won't fit in or fear that they will not succeed.  Charlene Madison is a light in an world of dark fear.  Through this interview you will all be so astounded at the energy you can create for yourself to feel only FAITH.  If you make the choice to only live by faith you will succeed.  Continuous learning and education is key.  Faith and education will ignite your passion and create the realization for yourself of the choice you need to make about what systems you have in place grounded in faith, community and service to others.

Be amazed by Charlene Madison and her approach to a life of love and success.

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This interview might just be the defining moment in your life when you realize your true potential and what you're capable of through the life of Nikki Mershon.

The transformation that has occurred in the life of Nikki Mershon reminds me that we are all scheduled to evolve. I am filled with joy to bring this interview to you, especially those of you who might believe you don't have what it takes to lead or see yourself as an introvert or a follower, when in reality you haven't yet evoked your true potential. 

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This eloquent and passionate leader & coach is an exemplary advocate when it comes to truly leading by one's mission and core values.  Terra-Lee had excelled in the corporate world as an accountant when she started her direct sales business by accident.  To her surprise, her business just kept on growing and growing to the point that her new business was creating three times the income stream of her corporate position.  Now, with 16 years in the direct sales industry and winning awards year after year, Terra has branched out to help fund others dreams come true.

Steve's incredible and inspiring interview with Terra-Lee Larsen will help you to really focus on your inner mission, because when you focus on your true purpose you will extend that positive energy to the world through every person you encounter.
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Beth Reed did not have the best opinion about the direct sales industry.  Network marketing was not something she could see herself getting into at all, except - as a consumer.  She was, in her words, a kit napper!  One that wants the products at a discount but Beth had no real intention to sell the products and create a life around the industry.  After she saw others friends really wanting the product and booking party after party, a snowball situation occurred.

After loosing her position with her corporate job Beth decided to commit to her rapidly growing direct sales business full time and, WOW, did she build something to be extremely proud of!

Steve's interview with positive motivator, Beth Reed, will remind you of the reason you got into this business in the first place and really encourage you to be the best version of yourself you can be.

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Lindsay Kahl began her business with a full time teaching career, a new baby and a toddler.  After a short period of time Lindsay saw the vision, her supportive husband gave her the ok to GO FOR IT and offered support on the home front.   


She has been a member in Lifeline's Million Dollar Protege Leadership Program and Steve has been BLOWN AWAY by the transformation that has occurred in her life through her commitment to evolve her thinking, plow into the curriculums and partner with her coach Rama Yaffe.  Lindsay grew her organization to 2,200 consultants and has been promoted to the Senior Executive Director Position within her company.


This leader has become a master at leveraging her time and the talent, so much so that we have asked her to speak at two of our leadership retreats on time management and personal transformation.


Be revitalized by the positive energy of Lindsay Kahl!

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After years of being asked to join network marketing and direct sales companies,
Terese Ciaccio finally said yes to a product and company that resonated with her soul.  
The attribute that best describes Terese is AUTHENTIC.  Her business exploded within her first year at South Hill Designs even though she was working a full time corporate career and raising four children.  How... you might ask?  Her passion about helping others succeed. 
She eventually quit her career and within 6 months was promoted to the highest level in her company.  Learn why being authentic is so important and a vital characteristic in life and business.  Get ready to meet Terese Cioccio!
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Meet Toni Vanschoyck!  This positive motivator is unstoppable.  Many can relate to the major challenges Toni has been through to keep her business afloat.  

You are going to want to sit down for this interview as Steve navigates through Toni's obstacles that happened not just once, but TWICE, after growing her business to levels not achieved by everyone.  Learn the qualities that build the foundation of creating the energy necessary to keep you motivated.  

This interview is going to help push you up whatever hill comes your way.  You can not only survive the storm, but THRIVE in the midst of anything you come up against.

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This humble leader is truley a testament to what one can accomplish with pure will and drive to succeed, even through the toughest challenge.  Jennifer was not supported by some closest to her but this really pushed her to delve even farther into her strengths and come out at the top of her company within just one year, all while maintaining a fulltime job along with the resposiblity of raising a family.
Jennifer has an incredible talent for identifying potential business builders that she can groom for success and has created stellar programs and activities to help her national team grow. 
After listening to Steve's interview with Jennifer Collucci, you too will be able to understand what is needed to succeed and how you can grow and evolve to lead your team to the greatest hights imaginable.
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Holly Klees is one amazing leader with a unique story to share about her transition from one direct sales company to her current company where she is now a Senior Director and has built a leading organization.  Truley living by her mission to give back to others and live by her core values, Holly's Interview with Steve will leave you feeling as though you too can become ready to live your life by your mission and support your life's mission while still being an incredible mother, friend, mentor and spouse.  The depth of Holly's contribution to her local community is just one attribute that makes Holly one of the most elequent and insprational leaders in direct sales. 

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"Who would you be if you knew there was enough?  Who would you be if you absolutely knew what you are doing would be duplicating thousands and thousands of times over?  I'm not sure that we are as conscious as we need to be about what we are duplicating". -Renee Poindexter
"It's not MORE for the few, it is MORE for the MANY". - Renee Poindexter

We are so excited for you to hear Renee Poindexter's powerful interview with Steve.  This leader is an accomplished continual learner and is so passionate about sharing why this attribute is so important to constant growth as a leader.  Renee is a former high school English teacher with experience in a variety of industries and has since founded an extraordinary collaborative of social entrepreneurs that are interested in designing authentic learning environments.  Renee's background with continuous improvement has assisted her in designing programs that inspire people to lead with their heads and hearts connected.  

"We bring who we are to what we do and how we learn". -Renee Poindexter
"How can we learn from each other with health and well being at the center"? - Renee Poindexter 
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Lisa Brunnette's passion and positive energy is contagious, so it is no wonder then that her direct sales business has grown to the point it is at today.  Most of us can relate to Lisa's beginning stage with starting her direct sales business which grew into an incredible career.  The direct sales industry was not something that she saw herself pursuing what-so-ever, but God had a much different plan for her life and Lisa simply listened.  What unfolded before her was so much more than she had expected.  This Interview will leave you feeling a sense of rejuvenated passion for your business and ignite your sense of purpose when you are in need of a lift.

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Kim Young lives, breathes and walks extraordinary in all areas of her life. She is an amazing spouse, mother and what we, at Lifeline, call a life leader, meaning she is intentional about empowering and inspiring everyone that crosses her life's path.  During Kim's 10 years in the Direct Sales Industry she's been recognized for building one of the fastest growing organizations within her company.   Kim can show you how to have a successful and fantastically balanced business while still being able to allocate your time and energy to the most important things you value in life.  There is much to learn from Kim Young and the incredible success she has built.  Allow Kim Young to ignite your passion through her incredible interview with Steve.

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Steve Q. Wiltshire ( interviews Dannette Klein.  Dannette Klein has achieved phenomenal success in the direct sales industry that millions dream of having.  She started her business 8 years ago. Dannette’s success wasn’t anything that she had ever expected.  Executive Leader Dannette Klein joined the direct sales industry to have the freedom to raise her children according to her values and generate an income for the extras in life.  Today she leads an organization of over 5,000, developed several executive leaders on her team and she’s accomplished all of this without sacrificing her core values.  Dannette is a personal client of Steves in Lifeline’s Protégé Leadership Program and now a Senior Elite member, which means she’s stepped into a mentoring role and impacted many lives within our community.  Dannette has profoundly impacted Steve’s life and the lives of many leaders from many different companies.  Dannette Klein has a marriage most dream of.  She’s the mother everyone wants to emulate and she lives life in the highest form of integrity.  Her compassion for others honestly takes our breath away.  Get ready to meet Dannette Klein.

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In the middle of living an abundant life Tara Locklear’s family was turned upside down with the loss of her husband’s job.  Years prior Tara had left her teaching position to stay home with her 3 children.  After many tearful nights of prayer God brought Direct Sales into Tara’s life.  Little did she know that the journey Tara was about to take would transform her life.  Tara’s passion quickly became helping others find financial freedom and empowering them to become their very best version of themselves from the inside out.

Tara Locklear’s business grew rapidly and a six-figure income was realized in her first full year of dedication.  Her team quickly rose to the top and has currently sold well over 50 million dollars while earning several million dollars personally.  In addition, Tara has received national top achievement recognition with her company every year since.

“Never in my life did I imagine God could use me and this industry to change so many lives.” – Tara Locklear

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Ed Mercer is one of the world’s leading self-made billionaires and philanthropists.  From his modest beginnings to making his first million dollars at age 27, Author of “The Eighth Grade Millionaire” has become a beacon of fervent light in the world.

Ed’s passion coupled with his caring & humble nature fueled his efforts to extend a helping hand in Costa Rica. Through Ed’s staggering efforts since building his home in Costa Rica; saving endangered Macaw Parrots and changing the laws surrounding the insidious act of shark fining, he has elevated the natives and this beautiful land from a needlessly suffering status to a nurturing land of opportunity.  Ed Mercer and his potent, breathtaking interview with Steve will leave you feeling like you too can ignite your vision and change the world through dynamic leadership.

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Author, Trainer and Success Coach, Steve Q. Wiltshire, hosts The Leadership Lifeline, Online Radio. The Leadership Lifeline is dedicated to interviewing the most influential leaders in direct sales and network marketing around the globe. Visit Steve at

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